H&M Lean Construction

H&M Company is committed to implementing and continually improving lean design and construction principals on all of our projects.

What is Lean Construction?

A highly collaborative delivery process that focuses on clearly identifying the customer's expectations and then maximizing value and eliminating waste during the design and construction process.

  • Lean reduces waste
  • Lean increases all contractor's productivity
  • Lean produces higher quality
  • Lean creates flexibility to match owner requirements
  • Lean provides more schedule reliability
  • Lean saves money and reduces cost
  • Lean improves customer satisfaction


How do we make Lean Construction work?

Through a collaborative approach and the following measurables:

  • Competitive cost analysis or increased profitability
  • Schedule reliability - actual work completed vs scheduled work
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Customer Satisfaction

H&M Construction is committed to Lean Construction in order to identify value and eliminate waste (non-value) on our construction sites and achieve schedule reliability through use of the Last Planner Scheduling System.


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  • Second
  • Third
  • Fourth
  • FLS Midlothian
  • E.On
  • Concrete Pit Construction
  • Ross CVDC
  • Ross Stores CVDC
  • AEO Hazle Township
  • Union University Library
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